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Flow is a brand for menstrual products. The scope of our work was to design a bold packaging for all types of menstrual products


About the project

Menstrual sanitation and hygiene is tucked in or hidden through many common practices. Wrapping the sanitation wear in newspapers, representing the blood as blue and avoiding conversations about the sanitation are a few instances.


The aim of ‘Flow’ as a brand is to provide comfort during periods in a loud and bold way. It normalises periods and the packaging aims to make the duration of periods light, breezy and quirky. 


Aloe vera gel packaging

Aloe Vera Gel.jpg

Intimate wash packaging

Intimate wash.jpg

Pee safe packaging

pee safe.jpg
Filler products.jpg

Reusable cup packaging

Cup box 01.jpg

Sanitary pads packaging

pad 01.jpg

Welcome kit packaging

box 01.jpg
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