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Nukkad Laari

Project Lari competition

This project imagines a street cart with an experimental yet feasible approach. The design empathizes with the conditions and needs of the rurban context of Indian neighborhoods. It rethinks public space - aiming for larger socio-cultural transformations - through it's performative and functional roles for the community.

Titles 'Nukkad Lari' (Nukkad : corner, also colloquially - gathering spaces), conceptually it intervenes in the urban fabric of the neighborhood, creating spaces of exchange and congregation, of merchandise, communal programs and values, strengthening the community, making it interdependent, boosting morale, economy and its image in larger urban circles.

The lari which would be operated by a woman is designed keeping in mind both, anthropometrics and its impact on society.  The lari creates a polyfunctional platform, catering to the selling of merchandise, pedagogic initiatives, socio-cultural events for women and society - acting as a medium of commerce, discourse and community-building. This would further encourage women folk to take up responsibility, leadership and entrepreneurial roles in the context of an informal sector - potentializing its strengths and capacities. The design is frugal, fundamental and responsible, making use of the resources of the community, both, in terms of building/assembly and material requirements. Its production can be scalable for similar contexts.

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